3 Reasons To Prioritize A Condo With A Covered Balcony

Posted on: 28 June 2022

As soon as you commit to buying a condo, you want to think about the features and qualities you are most interested in. Knowing what to look for will help you narrow down condo listings to save time and effort while shopping around. One of your highest priorities may include a balcony, which will allow you to step outside and enjoy the fresh air at any time.

Before looking at condo listings with balconies, you will benefit from learning about the most beneficial reasons to prioritize covered balconies.


A covered balcony gives you the option to add mesh screening. Adding a screen to an uncovered balcony is often too difficult because you need to secure the screen in place. The covered part allows you to secure the screen at the top and bottom for maximum stability.

Adding a screen to your balcony helps to keep out insects, especially flying ones. This feature means you do not need to use insect repellent equipment or products outside. Other things you will block out include debris, dust, and pollen, which can keep allergies at bay.

Balcony screening is also useful to keep your pets inside and well protected. Without a screen, you might worry about your cat or dog jumping over or squeezing through the railing.


Living in a climate with frequent rain, snow, and wind means you may hesitate to go out into an uncovered balcony during these conditions. However, you can still go outside when it is raining, snowing, or extra windy as long as you have a covered balcony for reliable protection.

Knowing that your balcony is protected from rain and snow also gives you more freedom with furnishing and decorating the space. For instance, you can prioritize comfort and style with furniture instead of water resistance, which would be essential for an uncovered balcony.


You may occasionally like stepping onto the balcony and getting direct sunlight exposure. However, you will find that protecting against direct sunlight is often more beneficial. You will protect your furniture and decorations from fading and cracking due to prolonged exposure.

Another benefit is spending hours outside without worrying about skin damage or sunburns. The balcony will also stay comfortable on hot days in the middle of summer.

Buying a condo with a balcony is something you may feel excited about happening. You can maximize satisfaction and enjoy these benefits by prioritizing covered balconies.

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