Helping Your Retired Parents Buy A House? 3 Tips For Finding An Ideal House

Posted on: 5 November 2018

Assisting your parents when they're looking at homes for sale can be so useful, especially when they've been living in the same home for decades. Whether your parents are recently retired or they're just looking for a new home that better suits their lifestyle now, it's important for you to know what to look for to help narrow down some of the homes for sale.

Instead of letting your parents rush into purchasing a home, consider some of the following tips and how they can make a difference with the home that you purchase.

Stick with Easy Layouts

While your parents may still have good mobility now, that can always change as they get older. Keeping this in mind can help point you towards homes that have an open layout. Looking for an open floor plan and avoiding narrow hallways can ensure that your parents will be able to get around comfortably, even if they need to use a wheelchair or another aid for walking.

Sticking to single story homes can also be a good move when you begin checking out some of the homes listed for sale.

Carefully Pick the Location

As your parents get older, their needs for the location they live in can differ quite a bit. While they may have prioritized homes in good school districts or ones with a short commute to work, this may not be the case as they get older due to kids moving out and retiring from work.

Knowing what kinds of activities your parents would like to be involved with and the kind of areas that they're interested in can help you find a great neighborhood that's well suited for them.

Consider the Size Needed

The size of the home that your parents want to purchase may differ greatly from where they were living before. This can mean that your parents suddenly need a lot less space due to their kids moving out or wanting a smaller home to clean. Limiting your search to homes that have a certain square footage can help ensure that the home won't be too large and that it will be the right size for their needs.

Narrowing down a long list of homes for sale can be time-consuming, but it can provide you with some great options for homes that can be the perfect fit when you're helping your parents. Keeping the needs of your parents in mind when you begin narrowing down homes for sale can help ensure that you're able to limit the homes to ones that match their needs well.