3 Important Questions To Ask Your Realtor When Looking At Homes For Sale

Posted on: 23 November 2017

When buying a home, it is essential that you ask questions before you ever consider purchasing a home. An excellent person to ask these questions to is your realtor. They will have a great deal of knowledge about the home, the area, the sellers, and more. This allows them to answer all of your questions to the best of their ability, and then go to other resources for the ones that they can't answer right away. Here are 3 important questions to ask your realtor.

Are There Homeowner's Association Fees?

A lot of neighborhoods have what are known as homeowner's association fees or HOA fees. These fees are a set amount that you will be charged each month. These fees often include things like yard care, maintenance for community pools, basketball courts, etc., and other service and maintenance fees. It is important to ask about these fees because they will need to be included into your mortgage budget.

How Motivated Is The Seller?

Another question that you need to ask your realtor is how motivated the seller is.  While the realtor may not always be privy to this information, it can be very helpful to gage what to offer on the home if they are. For example, if the person is eager to sell their home quickly, they will likely accept a lower asking price than if they were in no hurry to sell. So, if you'd like more of a bargain on a home, seek out the motivated sellers.

When Were The Mechanical Systems Last Replaced?

If the home is somewhat older, it is very important that you ask when the mechanical systems were last replaced. This would include the furnace, the air conditioning unit, and the hot water heater. These things can get quite pricey to fix and/or replace, so it is important to know their condition before you put in an offer on a home. If you find out that they are older, and will need replaced shortly after you move in, then you may want to bid lower on your offer to account for this replacement. You could also place a higher offer, but say that this offer is contingent upon them replacing the mechanical systems in the home that need replaced.

Asking your realtor about homeowner's association fees, how motivated the seller is, and when the mechanical systems were last replaced can help you feel confident in your decision to purchase a home.