Three Types Of Indoor-Outdoor Space That Luxury Homes Often Offer

Posted on: 26 October 2017

One feature that often sets luxury homes for sale apart from conventional homes is a combination of indoor-outdoor space. While average homes have elements indoors and outdoors, luxury properties will often meld the two together, giving homeowners a series of unique spaces in which to enjoy time with their family and entertain guests. If you're in the market to buy a luxury home, you'll definitely want to have your real estate agent keep an eye out for real estate listings that offer indoor-outdoor space. This is a feature that can push you over the edge to deciding to buy the home, given the countless hours that you'll be able to enjoy it in the years ahead. Here are three types of indoor-outdoor space that you might encounter.

Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen

In most homes, homeowners will cook in the kitchen and occasionally use a barbecue outdoors. However, you'll often find that luxury homes have indoor-outdoor kitchens, especially in regions with favorable weather throughout the year. An indoor-outdoor kitchen generally has large sliding doors that open from the kitchen to an outdoor patio area that is also equipped for cooking. This isn't just a spot to keep the barbecue; the outdoor component will often have a counter with built-in burners, as well as a sink and even a small refrigerator.

Indoor-Outdoor Living Room

It's nice to be able to open a window and enjoy some fresh air in your living room, but a better option is to have a luxury home with indoor-outdoor living room space. Like the kitchen concept, the living room will often have doors that open to a covered patio next to the dwelling. The patio will usually be outfitted with high-end patio furniture, not the plastic type that you buy at your local big box store. When you're hosting large gatherings, this feature is highly desirable, as your guests will be able to spread out with some sitting indoors and some sitting outdoors.

Indoor-Outdoor Movie Theater

Luxury homes are commonly outfitted with a movie theater, but you'll sometimes find that this part of the home incorporates the outdoors, too. Thanks to doors that open at one end of the theater room, people will be able to sit outside and enjoy the movie, the big game, or whatever you're showing on the screen by sitting in chairs on a dedicated patio or even lying on blankets in the grass. Contact a real estate agent who specializes in luxury listings to help you find the right luxury home for you.