2 Things You Should Do Before You Put Your House Up for Sale

Posted on: 11 October 2017

If you are getting ready to sell your house, there are things that you'll want  to do to ensure you are ready to put it out on the market. If you decide to do these things before you put your house on the market—even while you are just thinking about moving—it can save you a lot of hassle, time, and stress while you are trying to finalize the sale. 

Complete Repairs or Upgrades

You'll want to make sure that the basic systems of your house are in good shape and in good repair. Those systems are your plumbing, electrical, and structural, like your roof. If you have had any problems with them, you will want to have a professional come in and check everything out. They will be able to look the system over and then tell you if there are any problems with the system and tell you what needs to be done about it.

The plumber, electrician, or roofer may also be able to tell you what they would recommend you upgrade so that you get a better sale price on your home. Make sure you double check what the professional says may increase the sales value of your house, because not all upgrades will repay their investment. 

Get a Realtor Evaluation

Another thing that you may want to do is to have a realtor come to your house. They can come to your house and do an evaluation for you. They will look at the various parts of your house, all the amenities, the property, and all your various upgrades and just about everything else in your house. The realtor will also look at the property values of your neighbors. The realtor will take all that information and give you some suggestions. Those suggestions may include things like repainting your house, or doing some basic home improvements.

The suggestions you get from the realtor are designed to help your house sell faster. Once you have put all those suggestions into place, you can talk to the realtor to get your house listed and put up for sale. 

Getting everything set up, evaluated, and repaired before you put your real estate for sale will only help you. That's because you shouldn't have to do have to do anything after you have put it up for sale. You may also be able to get more on the sale, which is always nice.