Are You An Antique Collector? Buy A Property That Allows Your Collection To Grow

Posted on: 29 August 2017

When people start building a collection, they usually come up with a specific goal. For instance, some homeowners love baseball, so they will go through the effort to collect everything related to baseball. You may have a deep appreciation for antiques in general, which can make for having a broad collection. Living in a rental can make this difficult because you may not want to fill up the whole space with such items. Looking at single family homes for sale is a smart plan that will help you figure out what to get when buying a house.

Large Square Footage

A desirable feature for many families is lots of square footage. This allows their family to grow and for friends to come over without the place getting overcrowded. But, you may be interested in above-average square footage because it will allow you to display your antique collection all around the house. If the property is large enough and you have only recently started your antique collection, you may end up with several empty rooms that you can fill up with collectibles over the next few months or years.

Storage Solutions

It is helpful to find properties that have several storage solutions. Some of the most reliable methods include a garage, storage shed, basement, and attic. If you can find a home with these features, you will be in an ideal situation. To get the most out of storage, you should consider looking at the total storage capacity for each property to gain an accurate answer on which home provides the maximum. It is also worth considering whether some or all your items need climate control because this would prevent you from being able to use an outdoor shed or the garage as they can get warm, cold, dry, and humid.

Built-In Displays

When buying a home, you may feel inclined to purchase all new furniture. It is easy for a bookcase that worked well in your old house to not fit well with the layout in your new home. Built-in displays that you may find in the living room, dining room, kitchen, or master bedroom are worth prioritizing. You can put collectibles on these displays and you can switch items out to change an otherwise permanent feature.

Building an extensive antique collection may not be possible once you have reached storage capacity in a rental, but you can purchase a home that will help your collection thrive going into the future.