3 Reasons To Consider Golf Course Real Estate

Posted on: 13 May 2015

Buying a new home near a golf course can be an exciting prospect, especially when you consider all of the benefits that are often provided by living near a golf course. Nice landscaping, golf course discounts, and increased property value are all great reasons to buy a home located near a golf course.


One of the nicest parts about living near a golf course is that the landscaping and views around your home will be extremely nice. This is because most golf courses are meticulous when it comes to keeping the grounds mowed and healthy.

In addition, many golf courses will often plant all manner of trees and bushes on the property that will provide you with a variety of beautiful greenery to look at while you are relaxing in your back yard. In many cases, you also will not have to worry about having the view from your backyard being restricted to other homes because the golf course will keep those homes away from yours. This will allow you to avoid the closed in feel that many neighborhoods have when the houses are place close together.


Another great reason to buy a home on a golf course is that many golf courses will often offer discounts to those individuals who live in close proximity to the course. This is a great perk to have if you enjoy playing golf, mostly because it can be an expensive hobby and any discount off of the price will be beneficial and will allow you to play more often. A nice side benefit is that you will not have to travel very far to enjoy your discount as you will be within walking distance of the course.

Increased Property Value

Finally, the appeal of living near a golf course and the beautiful landscaping that it provides will appeal to quite a few prospective home buyers. This means that you will not have to try as hard in order to sell your home, and you will be able to demand a premium when you price the house. In many cases, the demand for your home may be high enough that you will end up getting more than your asking price.

Speak to a real estate agent like Levitan Realty today in order to discuss the many perks associated with living near a golf course. Home owners in these areas will often enjoy golf course discounts, beautiful views, and increased property value.